Kai. Bhaskarrao Mahajan Samajik Shaikshnik Va Sanskrutik Sanstha's

Indala Institute of Pharmacy

Approved by PCI New Delhi and DTE, Govt. Of Maharashtra. Affiliated to University of Mumbai, MSBTE


( D. Pharm )


Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharm) is a two-year academic program streamlined to endow in-depth knowledge of science and technique behind the formulation of pharmacy practice and medicines management. The program fundamentally provides an overview of the conjecture principles and practices implicated in the science of pharmacy including core subjects like Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics.


The curriculum and syllabi for the program are as per the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) the statutory body governing pharmacy profession in India. In this program students will gain insights into the chemical and physical properties chemical structure and uses of pharmaceutical formulae. The program encompasses knowledge about the natural medicines which are obtained from plants, animals, marine and biological sources. In addition, the program focuses on imparting knowledge about drugs used for different diseases, dosage absorption, and mechanism of action, drug action, drug interaction and adverse reaction. Candidates seeking advance knowledge in the discipline can apply for higher education.