Training and Placement Cell

About Placements Cell

The training and placement cell provides placement services to students through campus interviews. Many multinational and well-known Conglomerates regularly visit IIOP for campus placement every year. We have well established facilities for conducting :
  • Written tests

  • Online tests

  • Group Discussions

  • Interviews and

  • other activities related to training and placement

Training and placement cell motivates and prepares the students for the interviews and prospective workplaces. Careful and systematic preparation is initiated and sustained for this purpose.

The placement cell has a faculty and student placement committee which takes focused and continuous efforts for Training and Placement Cell under the able guidance of TPO.

This has resulted in every year all eligible students are placed. Many students also fetch multiple placements. The close rapport developed by the IIOP with various industries has helped the student community in securing gainful employment

The track record of companies visited for campus placement in recent years is overwhelming and more than 50+ companies visited IGOI for campus interviews and placements. The average no of job offers are 100+ for all students in the campus.

Training and Placement Committee

Indala Institute of Pharmacy, Kalyan, is committed to develop dynamism, strong human value, technocratic and good leadership qualities in all our students. The present is changing rapidly, with the result the demand of industry also change continuously. The institute has very strong Inks with the industry and continues to receive generous support from various organizations that proves to be of immense value in arranging training and placements to the students to strengthen their technical & personal skills. The placement cell has an excellent placement record and most of the students have their careers started out well before they complete graduation.
Responsibilities of Training & Placement Cell:
  • Invite prospective companies to campus for recruitment.

  • Register students for the jobs with prescribed qualifications

  • Collect appointment letters and distribute them to selected students.

  • Arrangement of Personality Development Workshops

  • Trains students in aptitude tests, interview techniques, group discussions

  • Organizes industrial visits/Recreational and Educational Tour

  • Guide students wishing to pursue Higher Education

  • Provide in-plant training at industries and hospitals.

Sr. No. Name Designation Committee Designation Roles
Prof. Vaibhav Kulkarni
Mrs. Mohini Sarode
HOD, B.Pharm
Mrs. Sneha Bhalerao
Assistant Professor
Mr. Mangirish Tendulkar
Assistant Professor
Carreer Guidance Co-ordinator, B.Pharm
Ms. Dimple Kundla
Carreer Guidance Co-ordinator, D. Pharm
Ms. Sana Shaikh
Assistant Professor
Training & Placement Co-ordinator
Mr. Nilesh Bonde
HOD, D Pharm
Member Secretary
Placement Co-ordinator

Placement Rules

Process of Registration for Students
  • The placement facility is available to all passed pre final year students if registered with T&P Cell for placements. Any Student not registered is not eligible for Placement opportunities.

  • Students, who do not want to participate in the Placement process, are required to submit a form declaring their intention of non-participation in the Placement process

  • Students, who do not want to participate in the Placement process, are required to submit a form declaring their intention of non-participation in the Placement process

Accepting an Offer
  • The company shall provide selection list and/or offer letters to the T&P Cell and not directly to the students.

  • When the Cell receives an offer letter from a company for a student, it shall communicate the same to her/him.

  • A time period will be declared within which the students have to inform the Cell regarding his/her decision on the offer. If he/she fails to do so, it shall be assumed that the offer has been rejected by him/her.

  • Proper due-diligence should be done before formally accepting a job offer. Declining an offer, after formal acceptance, is violation of code-of-conduct & will be dealt accordingly..

  • A student who has accepted an offer is expected to join on the given joining date.

Student Code of Conduct

Our Internship & Training Associates

Hospital Visits 2k24

Wada Hospital Visit

Madhavbhag Hospital Visit

Placement Drive

Industrial Visits

  • It mandatory for all students appearing for any process of campus drive to come in formals.

  • Students must keep their Identity Card with them at the time of Pre placement Talk (PPT) /Test/Group Discussion / Personal Interviews and produce the same when demanded by the visiting team or TPO staff.

  • Students are also requested to forward contacts they have, if any, in different companies so that TPO may formally invite these companies for placements

  • All post job-offer communication between student and Company should be channelized only through the placement cell.

  • Direct communication with the company officials is Not Allowed.

  • It is mandatory for students to register for the company to participate in the placement process of the company.

  • Attendance in PPT is mandatory after registration, to be eligible for further placement process

  • Students proceeding after the PPT for the next step in the selection process of a Company cannot quit in between. If a student quits in between the process, then he/she will be debarred and will not be allowed to appear in any other future placement event. Students have a fair chance to inform their decision of not continuing for the placement process to T&P Cell.

  • For the Pool campus drives in other college or if the company conducts any round outside the campus, the students who have registered / selected should compulsorily participate in the process. Students remaining absent in such cases will be debarred for any further placement opportunities.

  • Any kind of misbehavior / complaints reported by the company officials will be taken seriously and if proven, the student will be debarred from future campus placements.

  • If student is blacklisted then he/she can approach placement committee to make formal request for removal from blacklist. If the committee rejects his/her request then he can approach the director for the same. Decision of the director in the same matter will be final and binding. Once a student is blacklisted, he/she is debarred from the placement process.

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