Principal's Message

Behind a well-established institution, there stands a leader like our Founder President who envisioned these set of clear objectives and goals. Someone who created the space that fosters teacher’s professional development and encourages student’s overall growth, creativity and their own journey of discovery. The institute works on the principle of “Empowerment through Education” laid down by Founder President Mrs. Jayashree Mahajan, a Passionate Educationist. Through the support and guidance provided by the Founder President, all the staffs and students could work in order to attain a greater goal of achieving NBA Accreditation. Students learning under the guardianship of Mrs. Jayashree Mahajan will always emphasize the importance of discipline and good character through their righteous, moral and ethical behaviour. IIoP is an outcome of the coherent, well organized and subsequent efforts of the students and staff members of the institute. Reflections 2020-21 has turned out to be a felicitous riser by not only providing a platform for the students to portray their talent, skills and thoughts but also bringing out the undiscovered facets in the area of editorial-ship and co-ordination capabilities among the students. I wish you all the success and love.

Dr. Vaibhav Kulkarni