Pharmaceutical Lab

Pharmaceutical Lab

The Department of Pharmaceutics is well equipped for both teaching and research activities. It offers a diploma and undergraduate degree program. These degree offerings are intended to meet the high demand for professionals with broad-based training in pharmaceutical sciences.It has a rich tradition of modernization and advancement of health through new knowledge. Our faculty members are continuously making significant contributions to enhancing drug delivery. The study of formulations of various dosage forms like solid, liquid, semi solid and other dosage forms. This lab consists of many instruments like stalago monometer, viscometer, pH meter, Digital Balance, Sieve shaker, Brook field Viscometer, B.O.D. incubator, filtrations units, projection microscope etc.

A study of extemporaneously preparing, mixing, assembling, packaging, and labeling of a compounded prescription drug order according to the art of the apothecary is carried out in this lab.

We have a well furnished Pharmaceutical Microbiology lab and aseptic room for the study of various methods utilized for sterilization of glassware, preparation and sterilization of media given as per the PCI Curriculum.

Our department is a place where we give steady commitment to excellence in research, instruction and service is demonstrated through the extraordinary productivity and success of our faculty, and students. Our program focuses on Physiologically-Based Approaches to Drug Delivery and Disposition. We offer a training environment that includes cutting edge laboratory instrumentation and technologies, award-winning faculty, devoted and experienced teachers and knowledgeable staff.

In addition to our instructional mission, the department conducts cutting edge research to create and disseminate new knowledge in the pharmaceutical sciences and to provide service to society.

Machine Room

Houses most modern equipments and machinery used for pilot project, formulation and development studies in Injectables, Tablet, Capsule, Liquid orals and Ointment sections. The major equipments include Rotary and Multipunch, tablet compression machine, mass mixer, tray dryer, double cone mixer, multimill, coating and polishing pans. Hardness tester, dissolution apparatus and sifters and ball mill.